Makeup Inspiration – Katy Perry: Double Eyeliner + Peachy Lips

One of the things that I look forward to doing on the weekends is catching up on all of my fashion and beauty magazines that have come in throughout the week.  I love checking out my beauty and fashion magazines because of the inspiration that I get by being semi-immersed in that world for the little bit of time that I am perusing the magazine.  A couple of weekends ago, while checking out my Allure magazine, I flipped to a beautiful mascara ad by Covergirl featuring Katy Perry.  She looked absolutely stunning!


The makeup look was polished and simple, yet not understated.  The look had enough color for everyday and for special occasions – so very versatile.  I decided immediately that I wanted to recreate the look and share it with you all as a go to look for the rest of the summer.  Check out the photos below and steps on how to achieve this look!


“All things are difficult before they are easy.” – Thomas Fuller


Katy Perry’s Allure exclusive ad for Covergirl’s ‘The Super Sizer” mascara.



After using Covergirl’s TruBlend foundation and doing a mild highlight, contour and shaping of my eyebrows, I went in with a teal color from Mary Kay to line my eyes.

I winged them out toward my brow bone.



I then applied a black Wet n Wild cream liner at the base of my lashes and on top of the teal and winged this out as well, following the shape of the original teal liner.




Then, I popped on false lashes that I picked up from a beauty supply store to add more volume and drama to the look. At this point, it would be appropriate to follow up with a mascara to set the lashes to complete the look; I opted not to.

I added mascara to my lower lashes and a peach eyeliner to brighten my eyes to make them appear bigger.



To complete the look I popped on a peachy lipstick from Wet n Wild’s megalast line.

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  1. Great post, Venus! From one makeup junkie to the next, I found so much value in this post! LOL Great recreation of Katy’s look. Bold, bright and innovative. I loooove the peach lip. I am a big fan of Ulta lipsticks and they have a sale on their lipsticks for $3 (originally $8) Needless to say, I have been stocking up since lipstick can last for up to 3yrs. Keep up the sensational posts!

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