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Summer is all about being comfortable, cool, and chic at the same time.  As a girl growing up in the North and moving South, I have had to adjust my summer wardrobe to adapt to the hot, sticky, and humid weather that overtakes the summer months.  I decided to wear a crop top and a sheer maxi skirt with slits at the sides from Express along with my new tote that I was gifted from the good folks at Vera Bradley.  I love this tote because it is huge and on trend with its floral laser cut detailing.


What is your favorite Summer wardrobe essential for keeping it cool and chic at the same time?


“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” – Muhammad Ali


Check out the photos below!



vera_bradley_laser_cut_bag-4 vera_bradley_laser_cut_bag-5 vera_bradley_laser_cut_bag-7 vera_bradley_laser_cut_bag-6 vera_bradley_laser_cut_bag-3 vera_bradley_laser_cut_bag-2 vera_bradley_laser_cut_bag-8

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  1. My thoughts exactly! Wearing all black in the Summer is chic and alluring! Youo did a fab job of balancing it out with the sheer and crop components! My fav Summer wardrobe essential is my aviator sunnies!
    Keep up the good posts, Venus!

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