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Let’s Talk About Supplements

If you need a little assistance improving your overall quality of life, and or achieving your fitness goals, supplements may be the answer.  Supplements are known to have several benefits that aid in helping you perform at an optimum level, and provide key nutrients that may be absent from your diet. Although supplements may not be for everyone, it is worth taking a look at the various kinds of supplements and the potential benefits.

Vitamins are a great way to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs. With our busy lifestyles, preparing food of nutritional value is not an easy task.  We often turn to processed foods with very little or no nutritional value.  This can be a huge problem, because certain nutrients are vital for normal bodily functions and even growth in children.  It’s best to consume healthy foods in order to nourish our bodies, but having an ideal well balanced diet is not always possible.  Protein is a great supplement for providing the nutrients that are instrumental in muscle recovery after a workout.





Protein in the supplemental powdered form can assist in rapid muscle recovery after muscle fibers are broken down.  Although most protein powders share the common goal of repairing muscle fibers, there are several types of protein that serve different functions.  For example: whey protein is quickly absorbed into the blood stream for immediate muscle repair, but Casein protein is slowly absorbed which makes a great midnight snack to help maintain muscle when your body is in a catabolic state. Protein powder is an effective post workout supplement that can be even more effective if taken in addition to pre-workout supplements such as creatine and caffeine.

Pre-workout supplements are great for helping you power thru your workouts with optimum efficiency.  Creatine increases strength and stamina leading to more productive workouts.  Caffeine found in pre- workout drinks boosts energy levels and ones ability to focus mentally.  Together these two supplements set you up for intense workouts, and intense workouts lead to gains.

Supplements are a great addition to any workout regimen and can even be used to round out our diet.  Pre workout supplements help us push our bodies to the limit , so that we can use post workout supplements such as protein to repair it in order to get gains.

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  1. Wow, Venus, those supplements look hardcore lol I do take vitamins and drink health smoothies to get in those added nutrients. Keep up the sensational posts!

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