Let’s Get Eccentric with Balmain x H&M

Did you get a piece of one of the most successful and popular collaborations H&M has experienced? A couple of weeks ago, on Thursday, November 5th to be exact, H&M released their mammoth of designer collaborations with none other than fashion power house, Balmain.  Made ultra popular and trendy by Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, North West, and most recently, the Jenners, fashionistas/os and novelists alike scrambled to get a piece from the collaboration.


I was definitely intrigued by the collaboration like any other collaborations that H&M does throughout the year.  I was super excited to see that the quality appeared to be amazing and that the designs were not a knock off of the brand; Olivier definitely stayed true to the Balmain aesthetic.  Sometimes, when you see these collaborations, they are not as good as the original pieces and feel like knockoffs; I know that there will be differences between the collaboration line and the actual line, but to see that the differences were subtle and that some pieces looked very much like the original pieces that costs thousands, spoke a lot about the brand overall.


While I was thoroughly intrigued by this collection, I was not about that ‘wait in line for hours’ life to get it.  Instead, I decided to try my hand at getting some pieces from online.  To keep it short, it took about 15 minutes to even get onto the H&M website because of the website crashing and less than 7 (it seemed) for everything to sell out.  The pieces that I wanted (the fur jacket and the blazers) were gone, so I had to settle for my next picks on my list of wants, which one by one sold out quickly.  I managed to get my hands on (with the help of Mr. Austin) a red jacquard blouse that I styled below.  I love this top, but I am not so sure about the shoulder pads (they are a bit flimsy) so I may end up taking them out.  Other than that, I love my little piece of the Balmain x H&M collection.


What did you get from the collection? Sound off below!


“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


hm_balmain-3 hm_balmain-6 hm_balmain-5 hm_balmain-2 hm_balmain-4 hm_balmain

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  1. Nice post, Venus. Congrats on snagging a piece from the collection! I really like the blouse. The color is pretty and I am intrigued by the gold buttons. Definitely unique and you styled it well. I was not able to get a piece from the collection. I am a fan of the black and white mini dress : )
    Keep up the sensational posts!

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