Korean Beauty: Bubbling Peeling Pad

Skincare is so fun to me.  I love learning about new products and techniques for healthy skin.  Korean beauty products, especially Korean skincare, has recently started trending.  The cool thing about trying different beauty products from different countries is being able to learn more about the culture there.  Funny how something that can be so superficial, can actually be turned into an enriching experience.  Come on y’all! Indulge in my nerdy side for a bit.

Recently, I was able to try a bubbling peeling pad.  It claims to be a gentle exfoliator with a peeling technology that removes dead skin cells without irritating your skin.  It is chocked full of natural ingredients including aloe vera, celery extract and more.  The cool thing about this peel is that is also hydrates your skin as well so that you are not left with dry and itchy skin after you use it.

Use it Unapologetically

The pad comes in a foil type package and is a legit pad.  The product is already in the pad with you only having to wet it to activate the product.  I recommend squeezing it a bit to activate the bubbles before applying it to your face.  There are two sides of the pad, a rougher side (which is what you’ll use first to exfoliate) and a smooth side that has all of the yummy ingredients that will be able to soak into your skin after you exfoliate.  After about 2 minutes, rinse and dry your face and follow up with your favorite moisturizer.  This product is safe to use 2 to 3 times a week and you should see results after the first use…I know I did!

Overall, I will definitely keep this product in my skincare rotation.  It was actually fun to use and gave me a little feeling of spa luxury at home.  Have you all tried this product or something similar?

You can pick up this mask along with some other cool skincare products and more here.

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