It’s Not Too Late to Whip Your Feet Into Shape

Although we are in the middle of summer it does not mean that we should not take care of our feet.  With all of the sandals and bare foot exposure that you will continue to experience for the rest of the summer and onward, having a good foot-care regimen is essential to keeping your feet ready when they step into the spotlight.  Let’s face it, a jacked up pedicure can take away from your shoes and ensemble.


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I am guilty for neglecting my feet in the colder months of fall and winter, only to have to put them in “feet rehab” when I want to pull them out from hiding in the spring and summer.  I have several products that I use to whip my feet into shape and that I’ve incorporated into my pedicure routine.  Check out a brief review about each product and how I use them below.


“Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher.” – Maya Watson




In order clockwise starting with the que bella Foot Mask:


  1. que bella Bath & Beauty intensive foot mask: I found this jewel in Target as I was grabbing some essential “pamper me” products.  I love to pamper myself on the weekend by giving myself facials, doing my hair, and by giving myself a mani and pedi.  It is the perfect way to spend some alone time and give yourself some extra TLC after a long week.  This foot mask is amazing and will definitely be something that I use at least every two weeks.  The masks are “socks” that are soaked in essential moisturizers; the one above has apple and shea butter.  You use these on clean feet and leave them on for 20 minutes or so.  Usually I paint my nails or read a book while I let the masks of their business.  Afterwards, you will notice how soft and “bright” your feet look.
  2. Nail Polish Remover Acetone: I love this to remove my nail polish.  It is stronger than regular nail polish and I like how quick and easy it is to remove my gel nails with this product.  A word of caution: when you use this product, be sure to follow up with some moisturizer, particularly focusing on your cuticles; this product is very drying.
  3. the BATHERY Let’s Spa 4-in-1 Foot Wand: I keep this nugget in my shower to exfoliate and smooth my feet during the week when I am showering.  I love this little tool because it has a brush, pumice stone, scraper, and emery board all in one tool.  The pumice stone and the brush are my favorite to use to ensure that my feet are smooth.
  4. Sinful Colors Assorted Nail Polish: Y’all know I love Sinful Colors nail polish.  When you add the Sally Hansen miracle gel top coat, you can for sure get a weeks wear out of your mani or pedi.  I love wearing bright colors on my toes in general, no matter the season.  The colors above from left to right are: Thimbleberry, Innocent, and Rose Dust.  These are really pretty and perfect colors for your pedicure.
  5. Gold Bond Healing Foot Cream: I LOVE this stuff! It is a thick cream that penetrates your feet without leaving any residue behind.  My feet are ultra soft after using this cream.  I use it daily after showering to maintain my pedicure throughout the week.
  6. the BATHERY Let’s Spa Overnight Treatment Set:  these are pretty cool for slipping on for overnight moisturizing of your feet (and hands).  I like to use this about every month for deep moisturizing of my feet after I’ve smoothed them with my foot wand and slathered them with my foot cream.  I put them on and leave them on overnight and when I wake up my feet are ready to take on the day!


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  1. Great post, Venus! I am the total opposite. I let my feet go during the Winter months when I am wearing socks, stockings, boots and closed toed shoes lol I like your arsenal tool kit and must try the overnight spa treatment. Keep up the awesome posts!!

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