Is the Lip Bar Worth the Hype?

I saw The Lip Bar in my local Target a couple of months before it hit ‘the media’ and immediately was intrigued by it’s packaging and name. I remember picking it up and saying, “These look kinda dope. I need to try these!” My husband was with me and he said, “You don’t NEED anymore lipstick or anything in this aisle!” I reluctantly agreed and decided to wait until the following month to try them.

During the time I was waiting that’s when the media showed up and showed out! The Lip Bar was everywhere and that’s when I learned more about the company and the owner, Melissa. What made me immediately obsessed was the fact that she was from Detroit (my hometown) and went to my high school! The icing on the cake came when I heard about her vision behind the brand and what it stood for and it aligned so much with BLANK Wardrobe. I immediately went and bought several of her lippies in their different formulas and y’all was I impressed! Let’s get into the quick and dirty asap-tually!

The Quick and Dirty

What it is and what it does: The Lip Bar is a beauty brand that specializes in cruelty free and vegan lipsticks with several formula ranges: cream, liquid, and gloss.

Features: It depends on the formula but generally, they are waterproof, transfer-proof color (liquid lippies), long lasting, vitamin-infused, moisturizing, and have high pigment density.

What I liked: My favorite from the line is the liquid lipsticks. They are super comfortable and don’t feel like they’re sucking the moisture out of your lips when you wear them. They are long lasting without the issue of feeling like they’ll never come off.  The pigment is incredible on these. The bullet lipstick was moisturizing and comfortable as well with great color coverage. The gloss was good as well, nothing too notable, but definitely a great add to your collection.

Price: You’ll drop about $12 – $14 on these gems.

Is it worth it: Overall, The Lip Bar has become one of my favorite lippies. Y’all know I love supporting those from my hometown, so that helped a lot, but also because it truly is a great product with a great brand. For this lippie to be cruelty free and vegan, the color pay off and the formula is incredible. I can’t wait until they expand their color offerings! No true cons here except I will say the applicator is kind of hard on the liquid lippies and the glosses, but I like that because I can control the product more. Anyway, The Lip Bar is good to go in my book. Give it a try!

Want to try for yourself, shop it by clicking on it’s picture below!

Me wearing a matte liquid lippie in  ‘Bawse Lady

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