Vlog #1: I said, “Venti!” Starbucks Breaks my Heart

So, we are taking the plunge! After a couple of years of ‘pump faking’ with vlogging, Alfred and I are going all in.  We will begin releasing one vlog per week – that’s right, you all get to follow along with some behind the scenes of Pinkklipstick, our entrepreneurship journey, and just our everyday antics! For now, you will be able to catch those in addition to regular beauty and fashion videos on the same YouTube channel; in the future, we may look into separating them into different channels.

Anyway, to ease you all into our vlogs, take a look at our first one! Be sure to stay tuned every week, each Wednesday for a new vlog in addition to weekly beauty and fashion videos.

Can’t see the video above? No worries! Click here!

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