How to Tuck Your Button Down Blouse for Spring

A button down is a wardrobe essential. They aren’t just for the office though. Take your favorite button down out for a night on the town or on the weekend by styling it appropriately. Along with accessories, tucking your button down is a quick and easy way to look effortlessly stylish and add some personality to your overall look.

No, this isn’t new #BossBabes. You probably have been tucking your shirts in since grade school. But it’s trending now especially with looser fitting bottoms and high-waisted anything being the move for your wardrobe these days.

Want to up your tuck game? Check out these essential ways to tuck your button down.

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Full Tuck – Tuck your shirt all the way around: front, back, and sides.



Half-Tuck – Tuck in one side of the front of your shirt (left or right) and let the back and side that isn’t tuck, loose.


Front Tuck (#FrenchTuck) – Simply tuck in the front of your shirt and leave the back and sides loose to create an effortless drape.



BONUS: Tied at Waist –  Not really a tuck, but a great way to define your waist a bit, while maintaining your flow.

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  1. Great post, Venus. I loove the French tuck. Keep up the excellent work.

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