How to Style: Men’s White T-Shirt & Jeans



So, from the last post, you guys know that I have a slight obsession for Hanes White T-shirts for men in the Summer.  I think they are one of the most versatile pieces and dare I say, essentials for any woman’s closet.  I decided to rock my white tee with my favorite high waisted jeans from Express.  To top it off, I went shopping in Alfred’s closet again and stole borrowed his Ralph Lauren straw fedora.  To close this look out, I paired it with my oldie but goodie Michael Kors sandals that kill my feet, but are so worth the pain!



Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~Anthony J. D’Angelo, The College Blue Book

Check out the look below!

Men's_White_T-shirt Men's_White_T-shirt-3 Men's_White_T-shirt-5 Men's_White_T-shirt1-4 Men's_White_T-shirt-6

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  1. Fabulous post, Venus! I looove the jeans, very nice fit. I lean more toward boot-cut but am totally open to other styles. Yes, the white loooks great and laid back for Summer. Keep up the sensational posts!

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