How To Own Wearing White In The Winter

There is something so appropriately inappropriate about wearing white in the winter. And I’m not talking about just winter white, I’m talking about all whites: crisp white, off white, beige, winter white, white, white, white, and white. Yes, obviously it’s one of my favorite colors to wear in the winter. Just because I believe in wearing any type of white in the winter doesn’t mean that I believe in wearing it in any type of way. There is a particular way to wear white to make it more appropriate for winter. To make white a ‘do’ for winter, you must play with textures and fabrics that are common to wear in the winter. So, this means wearing knits, wool, and other heavier fabrics.

Wear if unapologetically

I decided to pull out my winter white off the shoulder knit from BLANK Wardrobe. I paired it with my Levi white denim skinnies and beige booties. I kept this look simple because I wanted it to look cozy and perfect for everyday errands, of which we did this day that we shot this look.

Style tip: This knit is super versatile because of its shape and so it leaves you so much room to play with. Tuck knits like this in on one side to add more shape and keep your look more interesting especially when wearing denim.

What I wore: Knit – BLANK Wardrobe, Jeans – Levi’s, Shoes – JustFab

wearing white in the winterwearing white in the winterwearing white in the winterwearing white in the winterwearing white in the winter

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