How to Get Fuller Lips

Ombré lips are one of those things that has been done for years, but hasn’t quite hit the mainstream officially like some of the other beauty trends that we see everywhere.  While you won’t see this trend plastered all over magazines or on your favorite actress like the cat eye, ombré lips are pretty, to put it plainly, dope.  Not only are they useful as a cool beauty trick, but they are interesting. I love this look because it is bold, wearable, and easy to do.


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Why You Should Do it

As I mentioned above, ombré lips can spice up a basic make-up look instantly.  While you can do that by popping on a bold lip color, adding an ombré flare is interesting without being expected.  I love a bold lip, but bold lips are expected now-a-days; adding ombré is bold with a surprise element.

Another reason why you should consider an ombré lip is because it can make your lips look fuller without lip injections.  My lips are on the smaller side of fullness, but when I decided to ombré (yes I am making this a verb) my lips, they looked about a size bigger than normal.  I don’t know about y’all, but I am certainly here for fuller and juicy lips!


How To Do It

Now how do we make this thing happen? Line your lips with the darker color out of your ombré color combination.  When lining your lips with the darker color, bring it slightly down toward the center of your lips, but leave space for the lighter color toward the middle of your lips.  Starting in the middle of your lips, add the lighter color by dabbing the lipstick up to the perimeter that you created with the darker lipstick; the middle of your lips should be covered in the lighter color. Rub your lips together to blend the colors; they should bleed into one another.


If you need to blend them further, take your ring finger and gently dab the colors together to erase any harsh lines between the light and darker colors.  You can set your lips with translucent powder to stop the colors from bleeding further into one another if you are going for a matte look, but if you are going for a glossy look, go ahead and forego the powder.


Will you rock ombré lips? Check out some of my ombré combinations below using some of my favorite lip sticks in my collection.


“Even the sea, great as it is, grows calm.” – Proverb



Dark Color: Javalicious by COVERGIRL

Light Color: Think Pink by Wet n Wild



Dark Color: Cherry by MAC (lip pencil)

Light Color: Think Pink by Wet n Wild





Dark Color: Vamp it Up by Wet n Wild

Light Color: Think Pink by Wet n Wild

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  1. Nice post, Venus! I have been eyeing the ombre look for lips. Your pics looks fabulous! My favorite is the Cherry lipstick. I will have to try this with a marsala or burgundy color. Thanks again and keep up the awesome posts!

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