How to Create a Twist Out Top Knot (VIDEO)

Protective styles are the name of the game for me these days.  I have a goal of growing out my hair to my waist (it’s currently a little past bra strap length, woohoo!) so protective styles are essential and necessary.  The dilemma that I have with growing my hair out is that I don’t necessarily like to fuss with my hair: I like easy, low maintenance and quick styles that can last for a couple of days with minor touch ups.  I also like rocking a wig here and there for a different look that demands even less fuss from me.

This tutorial shows you how to create my signature twist out top knot that you have seen me rock often and seen branded on my t-shirts that I sell (grab you one, boo).  When I initially style my top knots, I start with a twist out because I can get two different looks from one styling session. The twist out top knot looks amazing with the twist and how tight wound it is – it looks quirky and interesting.  After about 2 days, once my hair dries, I unwound the twists and my hair has crinkles and curls defined through out that I tuck and pin together to create a curly top knot.  I mean, you can’t beat two different looks from one styling session – total time saver.

The video tutorial will show you the products that I used and how to achieve one of my go to looks.  Remember, for videos like this, give the video a thumbs up, comment, and if your watching and aren’t subscribed yet, go ahead and subscribe to keep up with all that I will be bringing y’all via video.  Also, share this video with anyone that you may feel could benefit from a quick and easy top knot hairstyle.

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