How do you define your Style Personality?

A couple of years ago we talked about what a style personality was and I’ve even done a workshop for a private group of women educating them on this game changing concept. So, let’s recap very quickly. What’s a style personality? Well, style personality would be taking the elements of fashion and style and meshing them together based on how you portray them in your everyday life by adding your personal flair to them (your personality). Knowing what your style personality will help you build a functional wardrobe that you feel comfortable in and most importantly, it represents you, unapologetically. Got it? Ok. Good.

So, how do you define your style personality? Well, there are a couple of ways that you can do so, all of them require a bit of reflecting. This is where style gets funny and can turn into the beginnings of a self-discovery exercise. Yeah. Style is a bit more than pretty clothes and accessories, boo. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Define your style personality by first identifying and understanding your personality
    • Ask yourself questions about what you like and what you don’t like
    • Take a Personality Quiz if you need help
    • Ask friends, coworkers – those that are close to you
  • Begin to define your style based off of your personality
    • What items of clothing do you feel most confident in?
    • What items of clothing do you gravitate to?
    • What items of clothing do you wear that makes others say, “That is so you!”



Doing the exercise above will help you understand your personality and narrow down what your signature style is. There are several buckets that your style personality can fit in. Please note, you can fit more than one of these buckets. In fact, many of us don’t just fit into one or even two of these buckets.

  • The Classicist – in love with basics, staple pieces
  • The Vixen – gravitates toward sexy pieces that show off their shape
  • The Bohemian – love flow-y, earthy, ethnic inspired looks, flowerchild
  • Lady Like – feminine, polished and pulled together, modest compared to the vixen
  • The Trend Enthusiast – fashion forward, and love’s trends
  • The Minimalist – sleek, simple, and monochrome
  • The Eclectic – bright colors, pattern matching, and loud patterns

Ok, so what’s your style personality?