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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers this Holiday season? Gifts for friends or co-workers? Or perhaps you are gifting on a budget this year? Well Macy’s has you covered with some fashionable, chic, and trendy knick knacks that will have those on the receiving end thinking that you have spent more than $50!

The gifts below show that you do not have to sacrifice style or quality for choosing gifts that are more friendly to your pockets.

Check out some of our picks below!



two of a kind bottle stopper and  corkscrew set, $50

Kate Spade always has the best little gifts! This bottle stopper and corkscrew set is adorable with a ton of personality! It is sure to be the talk of a gathering overtime it is used.






flask, $35 each

For the person who enjoys spirits, having a stylish flask is always a welcomed gift.  These flasks by Betsey Johnson are both useful and stylish!







woodland park set of 2 owl bottle stoppers, $30

Another Kate Spade special.  Out with the boring bottle stoppers and in with stoppers that have a bit of personality! There is nothing like a gift that can be useful and also great for display as well, these stoppers do both!






holly slipper, $50

I’m always a fan of giving something warm as a gift for the holidays.  Whether it be a sweater, pajamas or in this case, slippers.  This is the perfect gift because this is something that we may not think to buy ourselves and the holidays are the perfect time to switch out your old busted and worn house shoes.




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  1. Fun post, Venus! I am a big fan of Betsy Johnson and animal prints : )
    Keep up the consistent posts!

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