Guide to Color Correcting: Gone Ahead and Cover That Thang Up

I know I was not alone when I first started using makeup and wanted to enter the world of perfecting evening out my skin tone with concealers and correctors.  However, there was a problem.  I had no idea how to use a color correcting palette or products in general to even try to ‘perfect’ my canvas (skin tone).


So, what did I do? I did some research.  And because I want you all to be empowered in your makeup journey to perfecting your canvas, I’ve broken down the mystery of color correcting palettes featuring the Wet n’ Wild Color Correcting Palette.  This is a good one to begin with and get a good handle on how to color correct before venturing out into the more luxury and expensive color correcting palettes.

wetnwildcoverallNow Let’s Get to it…Quickly:

What are the typical colors used in color correcting and what do they do?

Yellow: Conceals your dark circles, like underneath your eyes.

Green: Corrects redness, think pimples.

Purple: Corrects sallowness or yellowness of the skin, if you are of a darker complexion, orange will do the trick for you and brighten your skin.

White: Use to highlight and brighten in places that you typically use highlighter, such as the inner corner of your eyes or the top of your cheeks.


Tip: pat on foundation after applying color correcting colors – otherwise you risk wiping all of your handiwork away.


Get it here!

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