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Disclaimer: Long post.

Dreams do come true, but not without hard work and lots prayer. Unapologetically, I’m a self proclaimed dreamer. I don’t understand how you can’t have dreams. Or if you’d like to call them, aspirations or passions…something that is so big that you can imagine it, but can’t really imagine it. Does that make any sense? Like, you can see it happening:  you can see yourself doing it, but it’s so big that you don’t believe it’s real. Yes, I’m a visionary and I’ve always had dreams THAT BIG. Unfortunately, I didn’t always believe in them or more appropriately, I didn’t always believe I could accomplish what I could clearly see in my head. This was mostly with my dreams that were untraditional.  So, let’s dig a bit deeper into this…

Getting into my dream high school in Detroit (Cass Technical High School) was hard, but deep down inside I knew I’d get in. I was smart: 3.9 overall GPA and great test scores. I was a perfect fit. On the outside, I pretended to be afraid that I wouldn’t get in because even as an 8th grader I wanted to appear modest. Plus, everyone was nervous, so naturally, I had to be too, right? Now, moving forward toward getting into my dream college, the University of Michigan, was a bigger dream. Not too many people from my neighborhood or background went to the University of Michigan. However, because I’m weird and I have this visionary and big dreamer type of personality, the University of Michigan was the perfect school for me. Was I scared about getting in? Honestly? Not really, but kind of nervous because this was one of the biggest dreams I’d had and I thought it would be crazy for a girl like me to get into a school like that. Well. I got in. Tuition paid and everything…


But there were other dreams that I had. Ones that were not the most traditional.  NYU, Parsons, and Barnard College fit here.  See, before deciding that the University of Michigan was the school that was perfect for me these were the schools that I REALLY wanted to go to because they aligned more with my passions.  I wanted to go to these schools because I wanted to study fashion, more specifically, fashion design and merchandising. Yes, I loved fashion, style, and beauty…all of it. The idea was to get into NYU or Barnard and to study business while going to Parsons part time or after completing my degree at NYU or Barnard. I knew if I told my parents that I wanted to go to New York City to study fashion that they’d look at me like I was crazy and that they wouldn’t really go for it.  Trust me, I tested the waters and they were not having it. So, I dropped those dreams and went to the University of Michigan…a safer more surefire route.

Of course, the untraditional dreams continued. I wanted to be an actress and model (surprise!). I was signed to a modeling agency in Michigan and a mid-level one that absolutely loved me and kept me auditioning and going to castings in Chicago.  However, I was too scared to fully pursue it after I graduated undergrad. Instead, I convinced myself that I wanted to go to graduate school at the University of Michigan. My graduate school was and is number one in the world and I am proud of my degree from there, but it wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I wanted to do fashion. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to be in entertainment. I wanted the nontraditional but was too scared of following those dreams because they were scarier, bigger, and no one that I knew personally had ever did it.

So fast forward to about six years ago to when fashion and beauty came back into my life in the form of YouTube and WordPress. I was in control and went in, hard. I learned how to film, how to edit, make websites, create logos, and learned a lot about social media, marketing and advertising. Before I knew it, I was living some of my dreams, but I wanted more. I wanted to be able to impact my community and create a movement of empowerment for women who are just like me.  Women who hustled to get to where they are. Women who had humble beginnings and despite set backs and going down the wrong path, picked themselves up and decided to pursue their dreams, unapologetically. Women who decided to start over in a way and start from a blank slate.



And this is why Blank Wardrobe, my boutique, was born. To be a movement of empowerment and celebration of our various journeys to success, as we define it. Pinkklipstick started it and Blank Wardrobe is finessing it and bringing it to life in the form of building your wardrobe.  Building your wardrobe is similar to the journey that you may have experienced or are currently experiencing as you chase and knock down your goals. Our wardrobes change, get smaller or bigger as we go on.  We refine our wardrobes and tweak them until we can look in our closets and feel like our wardrobe represents ‘us’. Very similar to building the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about and wanted, right? This is the essence of Blank Wardrobe. Blank Wardrobe strives to make fashion easy, functional, and unapologetic by educating women on how to build a foundational wardrobe with basics and how to add trendy pieces for personality and flair without losing their style personality.

I’ve been wanting to share Blank Wardrobe with you all for almost 3 years, but this ended up being the perfect time to share. On September 28th you’ll be able to shop Blank Wardrobe. In the meantime, be sure to join the movement by signing up for our newsletter at  Also, follow us on all of our social channels to stay in touch with us as we begin to unveil the full Blank Wardrobe story.


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