F&W Style Sade Mini Bag Kickstarter

Supporting other women in business is something that I feel is absolutely necessary for all women entrepreneurs.  It can be tough for women entrepreneurs especially at the start of their businesses, so they can use all the support that they can get! So, of course when I was contacted to support a local handbag designer, I was all over it. No questions asked.

F&W Style is a small start up luxury leather handbag company that is based in Atlanta founded by the wonderful Alexandria Alli.  The bags are colorful, well-crafted, and luxury without the high price tag.  And of course, it helps that the owner, Alexandria is such a gem.

A couple of days ago, F&W Style launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new collection called the Sade Mini Bag.  The bag is made of a unique hand woven Nigerian “Aso Oke” fabric with different colors and patterns. To get more information and to support this great small business, you can purchase your Sade bag here: https://f5424b.kckb.st.

Wear it unapologetically

I decided to wear my Sade bag with wide leg pants, a geometric print shirt and black ballet flats. I wanted the look of a heel without the feel of one. The way that the Sade bag plays off of the geometric pattern shirt is so dope to me…you all know I can dig light pattern and texture mixing. I kept the accessories light with the exception of these oversized hoops that I am absolutely in love with.

What I wore – Shirt: H&M, Pants: Express, Bag: F&W Style 

Side note: It’s a great time to purchase the Sade Mini Bag as a gift for yourself or for someone else with the holiday season approaching especially now that the price tag for this bag has been slashed incredibly: it’s going for $165 from the retail price of $215. Talk about deal! Get yours today by using this link:https://f5424b.kckb.st.


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