Full Recap: CFW2014 featuring Timo Weiland Anna Toth, Leah & Rebecca Plante, and Angela Bacskocky

Soooo, this week has been crazy and therefore my daily recaps of Charleston Fashion Week has slacked…I apologize! However, I have not forgotten and still have so much to share. Below will be my full recap of my day at CFW with highlights of Emerging Designer Winners (yes there were two winners this year for the first time ever!): Anna Toth and Leah & Rebecca Plante and Featured Designer: Timo Weiland. I will post my bridal recap tomorrow as it totally deserves a post of its own for sure. Now, enough of the logistical hum drum…ONWARDS…shall we? (Warning: This will be a bit of a long post)

As mentioned above, CFW had two Emerging Designer Contest winners for the first time in its history. Competition was fierce and these designers definitely put on a show to remember. First up, my personal fave, Anna Toth:


Anna Toth is a 33 year old women’s ready-to-wear designer of Bow + Arrow stationed in Asheville, NC. She is inspired by menswear that is easy and tailored. This is definitely apparent from her custom jeans that models strutted the runway in. Did I mention that these jeans were custom? The fit was truly PERFECTION…I will totally be rocking a pair as a treat to myself once I get my “Miami” body back.
Check out her collage below:
Anna Toth
Leah & Rebecca Plante were the second pair of winners of the Emerging Designer Contest. Leah, 24 and Rebecca, 23 are stationed in NYC and are designers of Plante. Plante is influenced by their love of pastels, nature and urban sophistication. Their line is eco-freindly, using all natural fabrics in their garments. I loved the femininity of their designs. After viewing their line I was definitely ready to start styling my wardrobe for Spring.
Check out their collage below:
Angela Bacskocky was another one of my favorites that competed for the Emerging Designer contest. Hailing from Richmond, VA her self-titled line is androgynous and military inspired and influenced by local artists. She has been featured in Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and Entertainment Weekly. I loved the androgynous feel of her collection and the tailoring of her pieces.  You guys know that I am a sucker for androgyny.
Check out her collage below:
Finale Featured Designer
Mr. Timo Weiland, creative director behind the label, was the featured designer of CFW. Timo Weiland is made up of 3 designers, including Timo Weiland himself, Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang. Based in NYC, their Fall 2014 collection was inspired by a trip that the trio took to the Hudson River Valley with 16 friends; all staying in a restored barn might I add! Timo Weiland is sold in Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s and in boutiques worldwide. I loved the urban sophistication and laid back casual feel of the line.
Check out full photos of Timo Weiland below:





















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