First Impressions: MatchCo Foundation (video)

I’ve heard about foundations being able to match your skin before.  They are usually white or some weird color and once they make contact with your skin, they are supposed to seamlessly blend with your natural skin color. I don’t know about you all, but I didn’t buy into the hype! Especially being a woman of color – I didn’t feel as though my caramel skin tone full of all this good melanin would be able to be matched seamlessly from a fair/white colored liquid claiming to be foundation.  Call me a skeptic.  I’ll take it. 🙂

And then, here comes MatchCo.  MatchCo is a foundation that is individually made to match your unique skin tone – not a weird colored foundation that is supposed to magically match your skin tone after a few minutes.  No seriously, like there is a whole process to make sure that there is a match.  So, let me get down to what you all came here for – let me break it down for ya.

So, tell me more about the foundation.  It blends with my skin tone, but is it good for my skin? How’s the coverage?

So far the foundation is easily becoming one of my favorites.  When I recorded the first impressions video, it was my first time trying the foundation.  However, it’s been about 3 weeks since that video and I’ve been wearing the foundation just about everyday since.  No, I’m not going to give you a review here – there will be a separate post for that.  The texture of the foundation is not matte or dewy…I’d refer to it as being flat.  It is very light and feels almost like you have nothing on.  It has some great ingredients in it that your skin will love including green tea extract & vitamin E (rich antioxidant protection), peptides (helps to minimize fine lines), ceramides (improves skin’s natural moisture balance), lilium candidum (smooths & softens skin), and bisabolol (restores hydration).

Ok, so how does it work? How does it match perfectly to your skin color?

Well, in short, there’s an app for that.  LOL, I know that was corny and kind of played out, but I couldn’t help it.  No, but seriously, there is an app.  The MatchCo app will walk you through a series of scans of your face with the camera of your phone in order to get your skin tone for your custom created foundation.  The scan is about 5 minutes or so and afterwards you are taken to a landing page with your custom foundation ready for you to purchase. Check out the screen shots below to get an idea of the scan.


How much does it cost?

The foundation retails for $49 and can be purchased directly from the app.  Get more information and the app here! Check out my first impressions video here.

I received this product courtesy of MatchCo.  All opinions are my own.