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Favorites: 3 Self-Help Books that Inspire Me

One of my goals over the last several months has been to read more often.  More specifically, my goal is to read at least one self-help book per month.  Full disclosure: since starting this goal, I’ve done well some months and met my goal, and then there were the other months.  The other months that we will not discuss.


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The reason I decided to start this goal of reading at least one self-help book a month is because of this journey of discovery and living unapologetically for the last year.  Reading these books have helped me to focus and to really zero in on my life journey.  Many of the books that I’ve read have been entrepreneurial in nature with a focus on mindset, the greats in business (people and businesses), and the importance of generosity. I believe that it is so important for you to take the time to educate yourself about your craft, what you aspire to be, and on how to be a better you mentally.  I look at it as a much needed tune up; reading these self-help books help to inspire me and bring me down to be more focused.


I’ve read (or started…that’s the Gemini low attention span in me) several books, 3 of which I thought I’d share with you all as we go into the new year to start new goals and our resolutions.  Let’s get right into them:


1. Good to Great by Jim Collins – Admittedly, I haven’t finished this one, but I will be finishing it over the holidays before the new year! I was attracted to this book because I wanted to know how companies grow and become the best.  I’m always interested in looking at how people (the CEOs) in this book propel their companies forward to be the best in their field.  I am especially interested in any obstacles they faced and how they were able to overcome them.  This book is based on a study that Jim Collins did with colleagues on several companies and their ability to go from good to great and what it took to do so.  This is a great book if you are interested in studying successful people in business and the characteristics that they possess.


2. The Confidence Code by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman Loved this book because it specifically breaks down the relationship that women have with having confidence; how societal constructs have made it difficult for women to be confident and how confidence is the key to success.  The book also goes into what confidence is and how it is achieved.  This book will certainly be one that I keep on my nightstand to reference for years to come.


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3. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – Definitely one of my favorite books for sure.  This book goes through several successful people in their fields and dissects how they became successful.  This book challenges the thought that you have to come from a privileged background to be successful as many of the people that the book spotlights had their share of challenges before they ended up where they were considered successful.  One of the defining characteristics that the author pointed out that defies the idea of being privileged and being lucky as a prerequisite for success is the amount of time that these individuals put into their work.  If you are curious, it was consistently 10,000 hours.


What books are you all reading? Any recommendations?


“Every joy is gain and gain is gain, however small.” – Robert Browning

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  1. Nice and insightful post, Venus. I appreciate your book recommendations and personal development initiatives! My favorite book of the moment is Kevin Hall, “Power of Words”. He offers personal stories which are linked to a cultural aspect. I enjoy the diversity component of the book. I will make sure to include your books on my lists! Keep up the awesome posts!

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