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Sometimes getting the right outfit/look can be difficult.  I truly believe in “styling blocks”; where your vision is not necessarily translating in the physical.  With the look below, I had a casual look in mind that I thought was “bomb”, however, when I looked back at the photos what I thought was being captured in my head did not quite come out in the pictures.  At first I was not going to share these pictures, but I decided to share them for 3 reasons:


  1. The photography by Alfred was particularly amazing in these photos.
  2. I love pieces of this look, just not together.
  3. To showcase the actual work that is involved in my personal style photo shoots (it doesn’t always just come together, planning is definitely involved).


Anyway, checkout the pictures below.  The cardigan is one of Alfred’s favorite Ralph Lauren cardigans and I love to see him in it, so I decided to try it on myself.  I LOVE the way that this cardigan feels, it is so soft and comfy, I think I am going to buy one just like it for myself!


“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” – C.S Lewis

Ralph_Lauren_Cardigan-5 Ralph_Lauren_Cardigan-2 Ralph_Lauren_Cardigan-3 Ralph_Lauren_Cardigan Ralph_Lauren_Cardigan-4

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