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Drought in Georgia: Conserve Water in your Beauty Routine and Style Choices

There is a drought in Georgia.  Sounds crazy, right? With all the rain we’ve had there couldn’t possibly be a drought, right?  In fact, my plants on my porch haven’t been able to flourish nearly as well as they could if there wasn’t so much rain! So what gives? How can there be a drought when we’ve had all this rain?

Well, the drought came about last year and we’re still recovering from that.  If you lived in Georgia last year, then you’ll remember how unusually rare it was to have a rainy day.  That lack of rain caused Lake Lanier, which supplies 70% of the people in Georgia with drinking water, to be 6 feet below where it needs to be.  In fact, 2016 was one of the worst droughts to hit Georgia that it was record breaking and although we’ve had a ton of rain up until last week we are still experiencing a deficit which keeps us wavering in a drought situation.  With our experience with the drought, it highlighted the need for precautions that should be taken at all times so that when we experience a lack of rain that causes a drought we are prepared to help by knowing how to conserve water.

Water is so important in our daily lives, even when it comes to our beauty routines and our style.  My skincare regimen keeps me at the sink in the morning and at night with my 3 to 4 step process in caring for my skin that I can certainly do my part in order to help conserve water.  We can all think about ways to do our part to conserve water, not only when we experience a drought, but period.  Here are some ways for us to get started:

  • Participate in the 40 Gallon Challenge.  The challenge is a call for locals to reduce their water usage to 40 gallons per person, per day. Take the pledge here!
  • Don’t allow the water to run while you brush your teeth.  Wet your brush and turn off the water as you’re brushing.  Turn it back on when you need to rinse.
  • Don’t wash your jeans! Y’all know that I love denim, but I don’t wash them after each wear.  Why? Because you don’t really need to and the less you wash believe it or not can help to maintain your jeans so that you can keep them for a long time.  Washing your jeans after each wear can deteriorate them, so the less you wash them the better.  Spot clean them and keep it moving.  I usually wash my jeans every 4-5 wears. Levi’s CEO suggestions on washing denim are a little extreme as my OCD and being a germaphobe won’t allow me to NEVER wash my jeans, but it may work for some.
  • Don’t allow the water to run during your skin care regimen.
  • Reduce the length of your shower.
  • Use the washing machine only when you have a full load.  I know I’m guilty of throwing a top or dress that I really want to wear the next day in the washing machine in the past, but recently I have built my wardrobe in a way that allows me to mix and match certain pieces for more wear and variety in my wardrobe that I rarely feel the need to go through my dirty clothes and pull out single pieces before I’m ready to wash a full load. More on building a foundational wardrobe later this week.

There are many ways to conserve water.  Get more tips here!

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