Dressing Down to Dress Up

Yes, I am guilty of what I actually have a huge dislike for: when people run errands in just about anything.  Including, but not limited to: bleached joggers, t-shirts with stains or holes in them, oversized clothes, headscarves (aka “du-rags”), and the list goes on and on.  I am a repeat offender of some of these offenses, but I promise you that I am getting better as a build my “errand” wardrobe repertoire.  My dad has always told me that you never know who is watching you or who you will run into, so going out in pajamas or anything like it, is not acceptable.  At the time, I was 18 years old and a college freshman bragging about being able to go to class in my pajamas.  What the hell was I thinking? No, seriously, why would walking outside looking like you rolled out of bed without a smidgen of water hitting your a$* ever be OK?


After the talk with my dad and realizing the layer of implications that wearing pajamas or anything similar could mean, I started adding quick and easy to style garments in my wardrobe, so that those days where I did not feel like putting an outfit together that I’d still be presentable if say I ran into Beyonce or Kanye, perhaps?  I added leggings, plain and printed, nice colorful t-shirts (and some white ones), scarves, cardigans, and printed fashion joggers.  With these in my arsenal, it literally takes me 10 minutes or less to throw something on, but look pulled together.


Below, I am rocking my favorite BCBG oversized midi cardigan, Express fashion joggers, Hanes T-Shirt, Target Infinity Scarf, Vera Bradley Laser-cut Tote and Express wedged sneakers.  What are some errand outfit faux pas have you been guilty of? Sound off below!


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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  1. Funny post, Venus. LOL at your “tete-a-tete” with your Dad. I had to learn early on in the game to dress appropriate for any occasion / errand. Yes, I even “dress up” to get the mail! I do love your outfit and the black and white colors. Wearing a little lipstick / make up gives a polished yet relaxed look. Keep up the awesome posts!

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