Do Your Own Gel-Nail Full Set at Home

For the last several months, I’ve been doing my own full set gel nails at home – with artificial tips and all.  I love the look of the long acrylic nails, but I don’t like acrylic and the way my being a germaphobe is set up, I’m not a huge fan of going to the nail salon.

Because I love DIY beauty, I decided to head to Sally’s nail supply to see if they still had the at-home lightless gel nail that I tried (and kinda failed at), several years ago before the gel nail craze began.  Of course, they still had it and I decided to pick it up.  I picked up some false nail tips in clear and some more nail colors to rock my at-home gel nail set.  They came out so good, that people who actually go to the salon to get their nails done similar to mine always think I went to get my nails professionally done! So, what’s the deal? How did I do it?

What You’ll Need

ASP Lightless Gel Kit
Clear Nail Tips
Favorite Nail Color
Nail Clippers
Nail File
Empty Nail Polish Bottle (clean out and add acetone)

Wear it Unapologetically

The actual process of doing your gel manicure is pretty easy, however, your first set will take some time.  It takes me about 2hrs to do a fresh full set – I’m a perfectionist so I like to take my time with mine.  Afterwards, your fill ins/repairs will take less time and will feel more like a regular manicure when you change out your nail color.

  1. Start with clean nails: use rubbing alcohol to clean and dry out your natural nails.
  2. File and shape nails to fit nail tips.
  3. Using the appropriate nail tip size for your nails, use the nail clue on the nail tip and on your natural nail. Gently place nail tip on the tip of your nails (there should be a groove on the nail tip to show you how far you should place the nail tip on your natural nail.
  4. Continue to place nail tips on your nails until they are on all your nails.
  5. Clip nails to desire length with nail clippers.
  6. Use file to shape nail tips to desired shape (I love, coffin shaped nails!) and to blend nail tip with your natural nail bed.
  7. Wash hands and dry them.
  8. Take Gel resin and starting with your pinky finger, add a dab (enough to cover nail).
  9. Take the empty nail polish brush that is now full of acetone and spread the gel resin over your nails evenly.
  10. Spray gel cure on nails and wait to set for 30 seconds.
  11. Continue to do steps 8-10 until nails are completely covered with gel and repeat for a second coat on all nails.
  12. Use file to smooth and reshape nails, nails should appear matte when complete.
  13. Use your favorite nail polish to polish your nails and top with a top coat.
  14. And, boom! You have a full set gel manicure.



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