Denim Skirts and Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’

What do you have on, girl?!?

Y’all I havent had a true mini denim skirt in years! I’m so glad they are a thing again because although I don’t particularly care for skirts and dresses in the fall and winter, I love them in the spring and summer. Weird. I know.

A denim skirt is a must to make the denim trend functional for the spring and summer. Not only is the denim skirt functional, it’s totally versatile. You can rock the denim on denim look. You can make it dressed up or dressed down. Wear heels. Wear flats. I mean, the looks that you can create with it are truly endless. Also, for the most part, a denim skirt is pretty flattering on just about anyone, so that makes a denim skirt a classic for anyone’s wardrobe in my book.

I paired my denim skirt with a bell-sleeve button up shirt from my boutique, BLANK Wardrobe, flats, and a floral bag that I picked up from Target.

Now, let’s sit and chat…

So, by now you all have seen the new Childish Gambino video, This is America. Y’all…I’ve watched it several times and each time I pick up on something different. First of all, I love Childish Gambino’s creativity and the way that he tells stories. I mean the whole idea and concept of his show, Atlanta and his albums are evidence of that. The man is good!

So, when I watched this video I picked up on several stories being told: the prevalence of gun violence in our communities, terrorism (police brutality & racial driven violence toward black people), and the world of social media and entertainment being a way to cope, a distraction, and how much we’ll do to capture the latest (no matter what it is) for the ‘gram. Y’all it was so much going on in this video. While I applaud Childish Gambino for the creative way in which he showed us what’s going on in our current America, it also should serve as a wake up call for those of us who still haven’t realized (or cared) that we have a lot of work to do.


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