Denim Skirts and Changes

The obsession with denim hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m here for it. And I’m not mad at it. It’s classic and trendy at the same time, so I know that all of the denim that I’m adding to my wardrobe will stay in rotation for years to come.

We added the below denim skirt to our offerings at BLANK Wardrobe and it seems like you all are enjoying it already (see the customer comment below).  It’s classic for sure, but has a great bit of edge and trend to it with the distressing and asymmetrical and fringed hem. This is definitely a skirt you’ll be able to put to work over multiple seasons! I decided to dress my denim skirt up a bit by adding a blazer and heels, knowing that I could remove the jacket if I got too hot or I wanted to make my look a bit more playful. Remember layering is not only for dressing for the weather, it’s also great for being able to switch up your look when you needed.

It’s time for the switch up…

On the same note of switching up your look a bit, we are in the midst of some changes to how Pinkklipstick will function and look. Over the last couple of months you may have notice subtle changes in the type of content and how its shared. Pinkklipstick will officially be merging with BLANK Wardrobe to serve as its official blog. This will allow for more educational and value rich content that we will be able to produce. Also, it will allow me to add a bit more direction and add more content than I have before since the voices will merge. There will also be opportunities for you to engage with us in different ways from the services that we will begin to offer to add even more value to the content that we produce.

I know that I’ve thrown some ideas out there about changes to Pinkklipstick, but we’re officially moving forward. So, what will this mean in the meantime?

  1. We will still add content weekly, but until we get the redesign done and content prepped and ready for launch we’re going to commit to producing one post per week that will happen on Wednesdays.
  2. We encourage you to check us out on instagram and social media even more so than before…have y’all seen the most recent video we pushed out this week? I’m saying…y’all don’t want to miss it! It’s juicy over there!
  3. We want your feedback even more than we have before. Pinkklipstick will have more of a community feel to it, so we need help from you, the community to build it.
  4. Are you subscribed to the mailing list? Great! We’ll be merging those lists together with our BLANK Wardrobe newsletters so please expect an email from us asking you to update your preferences.
  5. Be excited! We’re excited about the content that we will be able to offer and maximize for y’all. You’ve been riding with us for a long time and we appreciate you! P.S. I smell a give away coming on…in the form of beauty and fashion goodies… 🙂



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