Decoded: Lip Oils – What are they?

Have you heard about lip oils? The Lancôme Juicy Shaker had me intrigued because of the packaging – who wouldn’t want to check out something that’s in the shape of a cocktail shaker AND functions like one?  Even if you don’t do happy hour, you have to admit, the concept is pretty dope.

What are they?

Lip oils have been buzzing all summer, however, I sense an up charge in them during cooler weather because they are the best of both worlds: a lip balm and lip gloss.  They provide a healthy shine to your lips with moisturizing and healing properties that come with using essential oils.  Some lip oils provide a hint of color – perfect for everyday.

Bottom line: They provide moisture, along with a muted color and do not have a sticky texture that is common with most lip gloss.

3 Wish List Lip Oils


1. Lancôme Juicy Shaker – Inspired by their Juicy Tubes, the Juicy Shakers are shaped like a martini shaker and filled with nourishing oils like, almond and apricot.  They come in 20 different tints and go for $21 each.moisture-lock-05-repair-primrose


2. Milani Moisture Lock Oil Infused Treatment I am super excited to try these over all the ones that I have listed, but have not been able to find them so I will probably have to order them online.  There are 8 different flavors with each of them having Jojoba, Avocado, and Tsubaki Oil as well as each having a different oil that specifically treats certain concerns, like dryness and cracks.




3. Yes-to-Coconut Cooling Lip Oil smells divine and feels amazing (it tingles a bit when applied).  It is infused with coconut and eucalyptus oil to help smooth dry and cracked lips, hence I keep one on my vanity.




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