Camo Pants? A Trend? A Neutral?

Camo print has become one of my favorite prints for fall. And for good reason. Did you know that camo can be a neutral? Although the pattern can be a stand out piece, it can also be a neutral. And while it seems to go in and out of season, it’s everywhere this season! With camo being everywhere, designers have made it in just about any garment you can think of: pants, shirts, jackets, skirts and of course, accessories.

I like camo print pants the best. But y’all, it wasn’t always that way. For some reason, I hated camo pants. Or I thought I did. I was new to Atlanta back in 2012 and EVERYONE had on a pair of camo print cargo pants. Blame it on being homesick or on the side of me that generally detest cult like trends, I began to force myself to dislike the print. Of course, when the trend cooled down a bit a couple of years ago, I ‘light weight’ fell in love with the print. With camo practically being a neutral, you can rock it pretty much with anything making it a super versatile piece.

Check out the images below of my favorite camo joggers from BLANK Wardrobe and how to rock them followed by other camo goodness.



Want more camo options? Check out the below for more inspo!

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