Getting slacks from the boys

Several months ago, Alfred and I went to the J.Crew Outlets to pick up a few pieces.  He picked up several slacks and tops and I did the same.  One of the slacks that he picked up were a navy and white polka dot pair that fit him perfectly.  He wore them only once before they were a casualty to the dryer after one wash and shrunk.


Before throwing them out, he asked if I’d like to keep them to try to do something with them.  I didn’t  really think much about them at first.  I just took them and put them on my side of the closet and went about my day.  After perusing my closet for an outfit over the weekend, I saw the slacks and immediately knew how I’d wear them.  I wanted a look that would be androgynous, but more on the feminine side.


How to Wear it

I paired the slacks with a white blazer, white camisole, and double-flap flats to round out the look.  Although, the pants shrunk, they are still plenty big for my frame, which worked for the look I wanted.  The size of the pants, especially in the crotch area made them look like drop crotched slacks.  They also naturally tapered at the ankle to create an overall more feminine look to the slacks.  In the future, I will likely get them slightly tailored to fit closer in the hips.


I can see these slacks working with a cardigan or button down shirt.  I can also see them working with a cropped top in the spring and summer once they are tailored.


What I Wore – Slacks: J.Crew (similar), Blazer: BooHoo, Camisole: Banana Republic, Sunnies: Target (similar), Shoes: JustFab, Purse: Express


jcrew_slacks-5 jcrew_slacks-3 jcrew_slacks-4 jcrew_slacks-2 jcrew_slacks-6

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  1. Nice post, Venus. I loooove how you styled the camisole and blazer with the slacks! It definitely adds a good balance of masculine and feminine. Excellent color choices to keep it basic and minimal! Of course, in the Spring/Summer you can switch out for a white vest and sandals. Keep up the fabulous post!

    1. Venus says:

      Thanks Chi Chi!

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