Black + White = Perfection

I love a good black and white combo.  Matter-of-fact, I have been quite obsessed with incorporating black and white combos into my go to everyday outfits.  I love how clean, simple and classic this look gives off.  Black and white outfit combos do not have to be basic and simple does not mean boring.  To be certain, black and white outfit combos can have more “swag” than a perfectly put together color combination any day.


Although, I love adding color to my wardrobe in the spring and summer, this year, I’ve been gravitating heavy toward all white, all black, or black and white combo options.  Once upon a time, wearing a mostly black outfit in the summer was deemed too harsh, now-a-days they have become the norm and uniform.


To make your black and white combos appropriate for summer, add in lighter fabrics, patterns, or pop on a white pump as I did below.  This instantly breaks up the heaviness that a mostly black look can give off.  When doing an all black ensemble in the summer, switching to lighter fabrics that are air-y in nature are going to be your best bet.  So for example, linens and light blended cottons.  Below, I decided to lighten up my fabric and add texture to my outfit with a patterned top with a hint of leather.  This helps to keep the look light, but anchor it down a bit to stay true to why you may gravitate toward a black and white outfit in the first place.


What I wore: Banana Republic Skirt, Target Top, Colin Stuart pumps, H&M Hat


Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. – Og Mandino
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  1. Nice post, Venus! I am also a huge fan of the black and white combo. Also, for similar reasons that you are. I like that it is versatile and transitions well into the seasons. Of course your outfit looks outstanding and I loooove the white pumps! Keep up the awesome posts!

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