Behind the Brand: Kancan

Kancan Quick and Dirty

Kancan was founded in 2003 with a focus on quality denim for the modern woman that puts comfort and quality first without sacrificing aesthetics. They have denim that ranges from classic cuts to some of our favorite trendy denim cuts including skinny jeans, overalls, jackets, and shorts.

So, how does it fit the BLANK brand?

Kancan’s focus on comfort and quality without sacrificing aesthetics made them an easy fit when it came to searching for a denim vendor to join the BLANK family. We were also impressed by the variety of denim items that Kancan offered – this meant that we could round out our denim collection well while maintaining consistency in quality and aesthetics.

BLANK Wardrobe jeans by Kancan
BLANK Wardrobe Denim Jacket by Kancan

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