Behind the Brand: FRNCH

We’re starting a new series here that will introduce you to the different designers and vendors that deliver some of your favorite BLANK Wardrobe style selections. This will give you background to these brands and vendors and give you some insight on how we curate and develop our various collections.  So, let’s not waste any more time. First up: FRNCH.

FRNCH Quick and Dirty

FRNCH is a Parisian brand founded by the duo Franck and Chloe in 2013. Pronounced as “French”, FRNCH’s unique spelling comes from the first letters of the founders’ names, FR from Franck and CH from Chloe. FRNCH is characterized by Parisian influences that are the perfect blend of feminine and masculine sihouettes. Clean lines, refined fabrics, and a touch of vintage variety make this line effortlessly classic, minimalistic, and sophisticated.

So, how does it fit the BLANK brand?

The cleans lines, sophisticated details and FRNCH’s commitment to quality materials and construction fit the foundational essence of BLANK. The goal is to have easy, classic, and sophisticated pieces that make creating a foundational wardrobe effortless to add to your closet style wise without breaking the bank.

BLANK Wardrobe romper from FRNCH
BLANK Wardrobe tie waist blazer by FRNCH

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