Beauty Under $20: E.L.F. Massaging Facial Cleanser

When you can score beauty finds for at or under $20 without losing the feeling of luxury, you know that you are winning. Thanks to e.lf., we can always count on getting our beauty fixes and following current trends without hurting our pockets. You’ll notice that over the last year or so, e.l.f. has been serving all types of luxury skincare products without breaking the bank. I think this alone makes them stand out in the drugstore beauty lane…considerably.

I have been eyeing a Clarisonic for a little bit, but I’m a bit apprehensive about dropping a lot of money on a beauty tool to clean my face. Yes. I’ve heard great things about it. And yes, I can see the benefits of having it, but I just haven’t felt like taking that leap yet. So, when e.l.f. sent me their Massaging Facial Cleanser I was super intrigued. I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I am in LOVE. At $20 you get the feeling of a spa treatment in your own home. It gives you a deep cleanse while exfoliating. It feels incredibly good against your skin so that you feel pampered during your daily skincare routine.

What’s the specs?

Shape: Super flat, with a cone shape that makes it perfect for targeting hard to reach corners of your face. It has bristles and grooves on both sides to give your skin a deep cleaning.

Miscellaneous: Water resistant and the battery is included…come all the way through, e.l.f.!

C0st: $20 flat

How do I use it?

Because the massaging facial cleanser is so gentle, you can use it day and night, daily. Add your favorite liquid cleanser to the tool, turn it on, and move it in circular motions around your face. e.lf. recommends using the tool for up to a minute.


Add this goodie to your skincare routine. At $20, you can’t lose!


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