Beauty Moment: LOOK BEAUTY Masque Bar – Pore Refining Mask

I love a good mask.  It is the perfect treat on a Sunday afternoon while you give yourself a mani or pedi.  Not only are masks relaxing because you can feel like you are escaping away from the world to pamper yourself, but if you get the right one, you can reap some healthy benefits for your skin as well.


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Over the last couple of years, admittedly, my skin has been going through it! It all started with my move down south; I had to change my hair care regimen and my skin care routine.  While I have found some key products that work well for my skin care regimen, I am still on the hunt for the right ‘cocktail’ to get my skin care regimen to elite status; aka my skin looks flawless without makeup.  One of the elements that I have been incorporating into my routine weekly has been giving myself facial masks.  I do them once a week (usually on Sundays) as a way to detox and give my skin some TLC after taking a beating from makeup, pollution, and other environmental elements during the week.


One of the masks that I’ve stumbled upon a couple of months ago that I’ve started using is, Look Beauty Masque Bar.  They have a host of different types of masks that do different things.  The one that I have is specifically for minimizing the appearance of your pores, which in turn gives me a brighter and even complexion.  Y’all,  I can literally see my skin glowing after using these masks! This is the first mask I’ve tried where I can see the results immediately after using them! These masks have Coenzyme Q 10, Raspberry extract, lemon fruit extract, and vitamin E that works together to exfoliate, smooth and moisturize your skin.





So, how do they work? One box comes with 3 masks in their own sachets full of product.  You wash your face and while your face is wet apply the mask avoiding your eyes.  You leave the mask on for 15 – 20 minutes and then rinse.  Follow up with a moisturizer and then you are all set for the week.  You definitely notice the difference in the appearance of your pores after using this mask that actually lasts for a couple of days after using.  I am curious to see how these masks help with my complexion over the long term.  I will certainly be adding more masks into my regimen from this brand!


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  1. Nice post, Venus. I must admit, I am more into scrubs than masks. I know that there are masks which contain charcoal which is good for clarifying the skin. I will give your recommendations a go. Thanks again and keep up the terrific posts!

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