Beauty Moment: 3 Must Have Mascaras

After lipstick, mascara comes in a close second of beauty products that I love to try.  I love to try different brands, colors, formulas, and anything that is new and different in the mascara world.  Although I love trying different mascaras, I always make sure I have a couple of staples that form the baseline of my mascara collection.  Check out my top 3 in the collage below; I’m wearing two of them in the photo above, COVERGIRL The Super Sizer and Butter London Wink Color Mascara.


“Seize the day, put no trust in the morrow!” – Horace

3 Must Have Mascaras


(from left to right)

1. L’Oreal Miss Manga – You all know that this mascara is my ultimate favorite.  It lengthens and thickens my lashes with one swipe.  The brush is to blame for this mascara being able to play double duty so well.  The brush is on the softer side of mascara brushes with small and large bristles that hook onto your lashes to extend them out.  The formula has a great consistency that helps to thicken the lashes.


2. Butter London Wink Color Mascara – Although I don’t wear them often, I love color mascaras.  They give you a bit of edge and pop of color without being super overbearing and if you do it just right, color mascaras (and mascaras in general) can double as eyeliner.  Now all color mascaras are not created equal when it comes to color payoff.  I have had a couple that look amazing on the brush, but does not offer the same color payoff on your lashes.  Butter London’s Wink Color Mascara is super pigmented and is easy to see on your lashes immediately.  It also does a great job at adding length to your lashes; the perfect lower lash mascara.


3.  COVERGIRL The Super Sizer – Now this one might just be the game changer.  It is new to my collection, but immediately made it to the baseline of my collection.  It adds length to my lashes like no other and looks natural and clean; perfect for your no make-up with make-up looks.  The Super Sizer is a simple, yet effective mascara.


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  1. Nice post, Venus! I am a mascara buff! My go to is Estee Lauded but I would like to try Miss Magna! Keep up the awesome posts!!

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