Beauty Inspiration: Rihanna for RiRi Perfume

Can we say that Rihanna served absolute Barbie goodness in her ad for her new RiRi perfume? She looked like a living Barbie doll!  I loved everything about the look from the bright pink lips and eyeshadow to the bright pink blush.  The look is a bit exaggerated for everyday wear, but I wanted to recreate it because it was so gorgeous to me.  Rihanna may not be as known for her makeup looks as she is for her fashion sense, but when she does editorials and ads like this, they are truly breathtaking.


[bctt tweet=”Can we say that Rihanna served absolute Barbie goodness in her ad for her new RiRi perfume?”]


In order to make this beauty look a little more wearable, I would recommend toning down the blush and lightening up the lashes and eyeliner in order to make it the perfect makeup look for a night out with the girls or date night.


Check out how I recreated the look below!


“The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.” – Unknown




Rihanna in her ad for her new RiRi perfume.




Start by applying your foundation, doing light contouring, and shaping your eyebrows.  Afterwards, use a white eye pencil (I love using NYX jumbo pencil in white) to serve as a base on your lids to deposit the eye shadow color on.




Add a bright pink eyeshadow by firmly tapping the color on on top of the white base.




Apply a dark brown eyeshadow to your crease gently moving your eyeshadow brush back and forth.  Using a eyeshadow color similar to your skin color, lightly blend the pink and brown together and blend the brown (your crease) toward your brow bone.  Using an angled brush, add a matte highlight color on your brow bone to complete the eyeshadow look.




Use a liquid eyeliner to line your eyes and wing them out slightly.  Use an eyeliner pencil to line your waterline.




Finish off your eyes with false lashes to create thicker lashes (Rihanna’s are extremely thick and large, mine are a bit milder) and use a voluminous mascara to bring out your bottom lashes (or use individual false lashes to make them fuller). To complete the look, use a bright pink lipstick, top with a frosty pink or clear gloss and use a bright pink blush right above your contour and below your highlight, but not directly on the apples of your cheek.  Flare the color toward your hairline to help blend in the blush.


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  1. Coool and retro post,Venus! I loooove RiRi and your recreation looks great! I can not wait to shop the collection. Keep up the fabulous posts:)

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