Beauty Gift Ideas Under $25

It’s that time of year again and if you are like me, you haven’t started your holiday shopping…like a BOSS! No seriously,  I almost always wait until the last minute to do my holiday shopping and can get pretty overwhelmed if I am giving a lot of gifts that year.  So, I love looking at holiday guides for quick and easy ideas.


Stocking stuffers are a great way to make gift giving affordable if you have a big group of people to give to, such as for coworkers or friends.  For the makeup lover in your life, I’ve come up with several beauty gifts that you can pick up at Target for under $25!


Have you started your shopping yet? If not, let me help you get started with the gift guide below.


“Carpe diem.” – Horace

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  1. Nice post, Venus! I like your gift ideas, especially #4 and #8. I never get tired of a good brush set for makeup or hair! I have not started shopping yet but will buy some cards from a dear friend who makes greeting cards, to get started! Happy holidays and keep up the sensational posts!

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