Beauty Find: The Uber for Hair?

I’m not a fan of going to the salon.  I find it time consuming and quite awkward when you think about it: the whole getting groomed in front of strangers just doesn’t tickle my fancy.  So in comes, Colour.

What is it?

Based in Atanta, Colour is a on-the-go hairstyling app that was created by best friends and Harvard graduates, Debra Shigley and Jennifer Hyman, specifically for multicultural hair that is referred to as the Uber for hair.  Why are they referred to as being the uber for hair? Well.  They make it easy for women to look glamarous by bringing your hairstylists to you, no matter where you are: at work? No problem.  At home? Even better! In the hospital? They can be there too.  No seriously, they did that…

How does it work?

You book your appoint via the app (which can be downloaded from the App Store for free for Apple, but is also available for android).  After booking your appointment, your hairstylist will show up wherever you are with all of their products and styling tools needed to complete the style – all you have to do is to make sure you have washed your hair 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

My experience?

I decided to get a Halo braid, which is referred to as “the lady braid” by Colour.  This braid was inspired by Ciara and it seemed appropriate to close out the summer with a double fish tail halo braid.  Talk about efforless chic.    My stylist brought all the tools I needed, including extra hair.  She was quick and personal, with me receiving my style within a hour.

How can you experience it?

Easy! If you are in the Atlanta area, download the app onto your phone, choose your style, preferred date and time, and wait for your appointment for the magic to happen.  Find out more here!

Check out my style below!


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