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August Beauty Favorites

It has been long overdue for me to do a beauty post for you all! I have been going pretty “hard in the paint” with fashion and styling posts that I kinda neglected the beauty side of things. I have picked up a couple of goodies over the last couple of months, but there have been a couple of items that I continue to gravitate to time and time again. I decided to forgo a video post of this because it really is not much to share (if you want me to make a video I would be happy to, of course!), but I have been loving these products so much that I wanted to share them with you all in some way! Plus all of them have made a cameo of some sort in my fashion posts!
So I gathered a couple of my favorite lipsticks, some “oldies but goodies” and some newbies and decided to share my picks with you all. ¬†Check them out below!
Augustfav Augustfav1


A full shot of all the goodies together

Augustfav2 Augustfav3

These two lippies are my ABSOLUTE favorites! The MAC one is everyone’s favorite in “Candy Yum Yum” and the Maybelline one is from the Vivids collection “Brazen Berry”. The “Candy Yum Yum” is a very bright neon pink (soooo pinkklipstick, darlings!) and the “Brazen Berry” is a neon-ish berry color.

Augustfav5 Augustfav6

This Iman foundation gives me LIFE! I love how smooth it goes on my face and I love that it is full coverage without being cakey. It is very light, almost as if you are wearing nothing. I grabbed it in Clay 1, which admittedly is a tad light for me, but will be perfect for me in the Winter!

I have been having to really try hard not to revert to these colors this month as I have already worn them once! (if you all follow me on my social media you will know I switch my nail color up every week). The neon green one is in “Wild Thing” by Pure ICE. I picked this one up at Walmart for about $2, a true bargain for a decent quality polish. The baby blue one is in “Mint Sorbet” by Sally Hansen. I do not need to even tell you all about why I LOVE this color! ūüôā

Augustfav7 Augustfav8

The new Falsies Big Eyes is definitely a hit for someone like me with very little to do bottom lash hair! I struggle with putting mascara on my bottom lashes, but I really love how open and big it makes your eyes when you do it. The formula is pretty standard in terms of the Falsies line; the key difference here is the wands on either side: a big one for the top lashes and a small one for the bottom lashes. This mascara is definitely in heavy rotation for me.
Last, but certainly not least, my favorite brand for lip pencils and eye brow pencils, Wet n Wild. The lip pencil is in a nude called “Willow” and the eye brow pencil is in “Dark Brown”. These products do not need explanation as to why they are my favs, these are super cheap and good quality. What more can you ask for!?!

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