All Black with a Pop of White

Lately, I have been loving the idea of wearing all black with unexpected colors, patterns, or textures with my accessories or layers to add a surprise element to my outfit.  Sometimes wearing all black can be boring if not done right.  If you do it right an all black outfit can be one of the chicest outfits that you own.


What I Wore – Turtleneck: TJ Maxx (similar), Culottes: BooHoo, Shoes: Colin Stuart (similar)


“To live is not merely to breath but to act.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

all_black_and_white all_black_and_white-2 all_black_and_white-8 all_black_and_white-9 all_black_and_white-3

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  1. What a terrific post, Venus! I am a lover of all black outfits. I really liked how you styled your jewelry and accessories. The pop of color is brilliant. I am also a big fan of culottes and as Spring is approaching that it will be my go-to item! Keep up the sensational posts, BRAVO!

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