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A Healthy Mind = A Healthy Body: Let’s Talk about Gratitude

Over the last couple of months, we have focused on different workouts and nutrition that are essential in being healthy and getting the body that you’ve always wanted.  However, one of the quintessential pieces that many people forget about on their fitness and health journeys is the fitness of their mental health and how that has a direct impact on your physical health.  Over the next couple of weeks we will begin to mix in key tidbits that will help with your mental health that will in turn effect your wellness overall.


[bctt tweet=”Being grateful is so important as we go throughout the day because it helps to mute the noise of the constant pressure that life may throw at you everyday.”]


To start, let’s talk about gratitude.  There are many discussions and quotes about gratitude that can make it seem like some mythical and often times unattainable ‘thing’ that really does not have an impact on your overall happiness and ultimate success.  Being grateful is so important as we go throughout the day because it helps to mute the noise of the constant pressure that life may throw at you everyday.  When you can take a moment to rest your mind and be thankful for that cup of coffee that you were able to have that day or that random conversation you had with the barista at Starbucks (I am notorious for holding conversations with my baristas in the drive through or in the actual store at Starbucks…like it’s pretty insane, LOL).  Having gratitude does not mean to be thankful for all of the big accomplishments and ‘good’ things in your life, but for the small ones as well.


Here are 5 ways to slow down and be grateful for this incredible life that we are able to experience.  Infusing your everyday life with gratitude will make you happier which in turn will affect your mental health and your physical health.


  1. When you first wake up, gives thanks for the incredible day that lies ahead of you.
  2. Make an effort to say thank you throughout the day, whether its to an actual person, or to yourself as you appreciate the small and big things in your life.
  3. Keep a gratitude journal or get an agenda ( I use the Day Designer by Whitney English and Blue Sky, you can get one as well from my amazon store under the ‘Blogger Essentials’ section) that has a section where you can write out a couple of things that you were grateful for at the end of the day – you will be able to reference these notes in those times where you may be struggling a bit with your emotions and need a pick me up to stay on track.
  4. Seek to do something for someone else throughout the day without expecting anything in return.  Whether that’s physically helping them accomplish a task, being a listening ear, or sending out a thank you note to thank them for their help with something for you.
  5. Accept the negative things that are currently in your life and be able to see the potential good that can come out of that negative.  There is always something positive to gain from a negative experience.



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  1. Wonderful and enlightening post, Venus. It always great to give thanks on a regular basis and not just on Thanksgiving lol I am totally grateful for your blog, fashion insight and friendship. Keep up the terrific posts and thanks so much for the tips!

    1. Venus says:

      Aww thanks Chi Chi! Likewise, likewise!

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