7 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

It should be of no surprise that coconut oil is a great addition to your beauty regimen with the recent interest and trends of essential oils hitting the market.  If this is a surprise to you then after reading this article, I GUARANTEE that you will be running to your closest market to grab a jar.  Side note: if you are about that life, Sam’s club (and perhaps Costco) has a huge jar of coconut oil that you can grab for the low.

Personally, after using coconut oil for a couple years on and off, I noticed a difference in my skin and my hair.  When I used coconut oil consistently, I noticed how healthy my skin and hair was.  My skin cleared up and looked healthier and my hair was shiny and manageable.  When I didn’t use coconut oil, my skin rebelled against me and my hair lost a little of its luster.

So, since coconut oil has been so good to me,  I decided to share with you all what I use coconut oil for and why you will always find a jar of it in my bathroom or vanity.

7 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

  1. Deep Conditioner – I love deep conditioning with coconut oil.  I usually will mix it with my favorite conditioner or hair mask for all day conditioning.  If I am in a rush, I like to wet my hair and put it directly on the length of my hair focusing on the ends and bunning my hair up for an on-the-go deep conditioner.
  2. Make-up Remover – Oil is great for removing makeup while hydrating your skin at the same time.  Before discovering Yes to Coconuts cleanser, which is infused with coconut oil, I would take a cotton pad and coconut oil to remove my makeup.  I especially did this when my skin needed some extra moisture TLC in the winter.
  3. Moisturizer – Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your body and face.  Not only does it moisturize your skin without leaving an oily residue, it has antibacterial properties that help with breakouts.
  4. Lip Balm – following the same idea of coconut oil being a great moisturizer, its great for dehydrated and cracking lips.
  5. Leave-in Conditioner – For the same reason it is great as a deep conditioner, it is also great in smaller amounts as a leave in conditioner.  Your hair is left moisturized, happy and healthy.
  6. Scrubs – I love adding coconut oil to my scrubs – body and lip.  Its moisturizing and antibacterial properties make it ideal as a cleanser and hydrant in scrubs.  Did you miss my lip scrub recipe featuring coconut oil? No worries! Check it out here!
  7. Nail Care – I give myself manicures just about every week and that acetone is unforgiving, hunny.  Adding a couple of dabs of coconut oil to my cuticles instantly rehydrates them to prevent peeling and cracking, which can leave your manicure looking less than fleeky.

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