6 Reasons Why You Need a Style Uniform

A style uniform is that go to outfit that you can grab from your closet in minutes, throw it on and look pulled together as if you had spent a considerable amount of time putting it together. It doesn’t necessarily refer to a specific garment in your closet, but a specific theme or palette that you can have several variations of, quickly. Usually, it is built from wardrobe essentials and then adding a bit of flare by adding trendy accessories or outfit closers, such as a jacket.

Keep in mind that the essential piece of what makes a style uniform work for you is that it should have your personality written all over it that is easily identifiable by others as being “you”. For example, my style uniform usually consists of a blazer over a simple tank, quirky or basic bottoms (depending on my mood), flats or heels. To round out my uniform, I usually add a hat with minimal jewelry accessories. No matter the occasion, I can always put this look together in under 5 minutes and look pulled together.

So now that you know what a style uniform is, let’s talk about the 6 reasons why you should have one if you don’t.

  1. It easily answers the question of, “What should I wear today?”.
  2. Shopping becomes easier because you know exactly what you are shopping for and what you need.
  3. Buying items that you know you would never wear, but you thought you could put together while in the store becomes a rare occurrence.
  4. You can play around with accessories and other trends to spice up your style uniform and wardrobe because having a style uniform creates a strong wardrobe foundation.
  5. Your wardrobe is more functional while being versatile and flexible because of your strong wardrobe foundation.  Having a style uniform is not equivalent to being boring with your fashion.
  6. Having a style uniform can help play up your personal brand and be a conversation starter because others will notice.  I constantly get asked about my blazers or am told that I always look pulled together, knowing full well that it only took me 5 minutes to get dressed that day.

Have you identified your style uniform? Here are some different variations of mine.

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  1. Thanks so much for the helpful guide, Venus! I have 2 style uniforms: “on duty” and “off duty”. Keep up the excellent posts and content!

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