Below is a small sampling of what you all have been saying about Pinkklipstick.  This is a way to pay homage to you all and to let you know that I see all of your comments; I appreciate your feedback and support! Love you all to the moon and back!


“Oh la la, Venus! What an exciting post! You looked super fabulous and the pics and the event looked like loads of fun. Quite festive ensembles, indeed. I love the concept of “Rent the Runway: and will forward it to a client of mine! I soooo enjoy reading your posts. It’s double duty for me: I get awesome fashion tips/ideas and can forward the info to clients for added business value! Keep up the tremendous work!!!”


“You look amazing! You are my new favorite blogger. Love this outfit and your confidence!”


“I love all the pieces that you have suggested for me.  Looking forward to seeing what magic you can work with my wardrobe.”


“Nice post Venus! I like the idea of making the dress into a skirt! Nice addition of color. Great how your lipstick matches the skirt : ) I would totally wear that outfit to an evening networking event! LOL”


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