5 Things You Need in Your Wardrobe This Fall

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There are certain non-negotiables when you are building the core of your fall wardrobe.  These are classic and staple items that you will be reaching for to create the base of your go-to outfits this fall.

If you do not have these items in your closet, then add them to your shopping list for your next shopping trip.


white button ups

1. White Button Down

A white button down is a classic. Period.  No matter the season.  If you do not have one in your wardrobe, shame on you! You can dress a white button down up or down and wear it with just about anything alone or as the foundation of a layering piece.  Because you will likely replace this often, I like to get mine for cheap at H&M or Landsend.  The shape and quality are great for the amount of times you will likely have to replace it to keep it fresh from season to season.



2. Everyday Booties

Who doesn’t love a good bootie? Ok, that doesn’t sound all the way right.  But seriously, either way, who doesn’t love a great bootie? I can literally live in booties, especially during the fall.  My JustFab black ones with a 2inch thick heel are perfect to run errands in without the pain.  Find a pair that can go with just about anything and that are comfortable and you are good to go on your go-to booties to wear everyday in the fall.



3. The Trench Coat

A trench coat is a must have and a classic in your wardrobe.  Especially now-a-days with them being so trendy.  They are great to layer or to wear alone.  Keep in mind that when the weather cools down, your outerwear is just as important, if not more important than what you wear underneath it.



4. Jeans

Pick a pair of jeans that fit your personality and then pick a pair that fits you perfectly.  Whether you are a boyfriend or skinny jean girl, get a pair that fits you just right.



5. Oversized Sweater/Cardigan

You all know that I am all for comfort when it comes to layering and being warm in cooler temperatures.  A great oversized sweater or cardigan is perfect to throw on, but look fashionable at the same time.  You can’t go wrong with a great oversized sweater or cardigan paired with your favorite legging or skinny jean.  Anytime you do an oversized anything, make sure you streamline or slim out that pieces counterpart.  If your bottoms are flared, slim down your top.  If your top is oversized, slim down your bottom.


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  1. Nice post, Venus! I am glad that it is Fall. Your must have list looks great. I am on the hunt for a trench coat, maybe in syede, velvet or denim. Thanks and keep up the awesome posts!

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