4 Ways to Rock a Belt Bag

Long before becoming trendy, the fanny pack was actually a utility item that’s been around for many years. One of the main purposes that the fanny pack was used for was to keep belongings safe. Around the 80s, fanny packs began to make a fashion debut alongside fashion trends such as neon clothing, stone washed jeans, and Ray Bans. Recently, top designers like Chanel, Coach, Alexander Wang, Hermes, and one that I will not call by name yet due to a HUGE MISTAKE in their design choices (we need time), have been instrumental in the resurgence of the fanny pack, now being known as the “belt bag.”

Although belt bags serve as great accessories to any ensemble, they are also popular for the mere functionality of them-going back to their roots. I love wearing my belt bags when I’m wearing a dress without pockets or when I don’t want to carry a shoulder bag and want to go hands-free. Also, when I’m traveling, I love to wear a belt bag for safety reasons and so that I can move around with ease without having to carry so much in my hands.

Check out these 4 ways that you can rock your belt bag:

  1. I love the way that a belt bag looks over an oversized blazer. It helps to give you a waist along with being the perfect way to complete your outfit.
  2. The way that I want to try to wear my belt bag this spring is over my trench coat. I’ve seen a few looks like this and really love how they look paired with a trench – it’s the perfect blend between trendy and classic.
  3. Of course, belt bags look great with athleisure outfits. Pay homage to the 80’s and wear it with an oversized sweat shirt or t-shirt for an effortless but pulled together athleisure look.
  4. I LOVE wearing my belt bag across my chest. It’s not the traditional way to wear them, but that’s part of the reason why I love wearing it that way. Also, when I travel, I feel more secure with my belt bag across my chest because I feel like it’s closer to me there and I can close it up in a jacket, coat, or sweater for my protection.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the history and how I’m rocking the belt bag. Are you rocking belt bags? How are you rocking yours? Check out the belt bag we just added to the shop! It is the one that I’m wearing in the photos below. 🙂

quilted belt bagquilted belt bagquilted belt bagquilted belt bag


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  1. Nice post, Venus. The belt bag looks great and thanks for the history review. Lol, I am still a “clutch” girl and hope to make the transition to a belt bag. I would probably rock it with a midi dress or skirt.
    Keep up the sensational posts!

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