4 Makeup Hacks that you Must Try

Learning a few makeup hacks can add wonders to your daily beauty routine.  Over the years of mastering my everyday makeup look, for instance, I’ve learned certain hacks that allow me to slay my face better and quicker.

Check out some of my hacks below! Let me know if you’ve tried them and how’d it go for you.  Also, share some of your hacks!

“Needs never hesitate.” – Robert Browning

4 Makeup Hacks

  1. Finish up your lips with your lip liner – I love adding my lip liner after my lipstick because it helps clean and even your everything out.  Start off by using your lip liner as a base for your lipstick, as usual.  Add lipstick.  Then finish up by lining your lips with the lip liner.
  2. Use two mascaras – I love using two different mascaras to bring out the length and fullness of my lashes. I usually get a lengthening mascara and a volumizing mascara and use both to get my best lashes. I usually start with the lengthening mascara and then the volumizing one to focus on the base of my lashes for maximum fullness.  My two holy grail drug store mascaras that I use for this is COVERGIRL The Super Sizer and Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama.  I highly recommend both of these goodies.
  3. Shape eyebrows with pencil, set with wax/gel and clean up with concealer – This hack is especially true when you need to get your eyebrows shaped and cleaned up.  Always shape your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil (or powder – I prefer pencil).  Shaping with a pencil gives you a clean and precise line.  Use light strokes to fill in your eyebrows to mimic hair.  Comb through your eyebrows with a spool brush to distribute eyebrow pencil.  Take your favorite eyebrow wax or gel to set eyebrows (I like Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara) and comb through eyebrows again to set them.
  4. Blot Your Setting Spray – My setting spray comes to life when I do this trick.  Spray your favorite setting spray (I love NYX Cosmetics Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray) and take your foundation brush and pat the setting spray onto your face as it dries.  I’ve found my foundation lasts longer and looks smoother after doing this.


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