3 Signs of Perfect Fitting Denim Shorts

There is something so perfect about a great fitting pair of denim shorts in the summer time. Of course, thats when you can actually find the perfect fit. It took me several years to find the perfect fit! I tried different brands, sizes, cuts, and lengths. Just like jeans, you go through several pairs until you find the right one and that was so true for me.

Fit is so important with denim shorts because you want them to look flattering. Shorts can be tricky because not only are you concerned with how shorts fit at the waist and hips, you’re also trying to make sure your fit works for your thighs and backside. So, what makes the perfect fit?

1. Length – Short, long and in-between, the length is a personal preference. Having anything hanging out is not necessarily the look that you want to go for, however. If you decide to go that route…do you girl. Do you. 🙂

2. Size – don’t be afraid to go up or down a couple of sizes in order to find the right fit. I always have to go a size or two up to get the perfect fit. The key here is to make sure that they aren’t too tight where their cutting into your legs or waist.

3. No Stretch – we love stretch with our jeans, but our shorts are a bit different. Stretch means that the fit will likely be tight and remember we don’t want tight fitting shorts. Forego the shorts with stretch for shorts that have more shape and structure to them to help with fit.

What I Wore: Hat – Target, Blazer – Nordstrom Rack, Tank top – Target, Denim Shorts – Articles of Society, Purse – JustFab, Shoes – JustFab (similar), Sunnies – Gucci

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