3 Sales you Should Check Out this Weekend

If you have been around these parts for a little bit, then you know that I like a good sale.  In fact, I rarely buy anything full-priced.  A couple of years ago when the J.Crew bubble necklaces were popular, I wanted one so bad.  I would see people styling them in different ways and it made me want them more.  But when I saw that J.Crew wanted $250 for this necklace, I said, “No ma’am! Absolutely not!”.  As much as I love J.Crew, especially for their novelty jewelry, I could not see myself paying $250 for costume jewelry.


Of course, time went on, and I found myself in a consignment shop perusing the racks and their jewelry cabinet.  And there it was! The J.Crew bubble necklace that I’d been eyeing for months for $20! It was in great condition.  I really don’t think the consignment shop knew what they had.  I bought it immediately and hurried out of the store before they called me back in case it was an error!


Other than going to consignment shops and thrift stores, I love finding deals online on the weekend.  The cool thing about shopping sales now is that you can stock up on some essentials for next summer, while grabbing some key pieces that you can rock into the fall! With that said, check out the 3 sales below that I will be checking out this weekend.




Weekend Sales



Weekend Sales


  • H&M is having an incredible sale of up to 80% off for their final clearance items throughout the weekend.  Be sure to snag some key essentials that you can bring into fall and winter for as low as $4 like the tank top above!
  • Don’t sleep on Nordstrom! If you missed their annual anniversary sale, don’t fret.  They have some incredible deals and steals throughout the year if you are watching.  The Michael Kors watch above is currently going for $120 from $295…I mean, if you don’t have one of these by now, here’s the chance to get one at over 50% off!
  • Grab some great cardigans and sweaters to take into the cooler months of fall and winter at J.Crew.  The metallic wool sweater above is currently $34.99 from $128.  I mean, need I say more? You need sweaters.  You need more metallics.  You need THIS sweater!

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  1. Nice post, Venus. I am a sales buff and loooove a good bargain. I have to check out your recommendations soon. I am building and transitioning my wardrobe for Fall! Thanks and keep up the fabulous posts!

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